No one said marketing would be this hectic! phew (Secretary needed)

  This is my youngest grandson (8 months). His naughty Daddy is teaching him reading habits way beyond his innocent years as you can see!  I really love to catch up with my family in the UK which is where I’ve been for the past few weeks, but this trip […]

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Bristol – a place I love

I’m in my happy home hunting ground for a while …Bristol.  The place I grew up, the place I worked, the place I fell in love and married, the place where my children were born and a place I love very much. It’s a vibrant City, the home of Wallace and Gromit […]

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Fame? Well sort of ...

Waterstones number two best new publication! Well I never did …

    Aye O Aye O Aye O Aye …reckon I might be being joked! I can’t believe this (has anyone out there made this hoax up for me?) Waterstones – they of the famous bookshop ilk, say that my novel the Hen Party is the number 2 new publication […]

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I’m meeting a celeb! Me, little ole’ me

Well, excitement mounts and all because of the HEN PARTY. A reader who is on holiday in Benidorm had her hair done at the hairdressers that featured in the TV programme ‘Brits living in Benidorm’. She happened to be reading my book, yes my book – it seems so strange […]

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Wow! someone on Facebook couldn’t put Hen Party down

I’m sure you can imagine what we new authors might be feeling when we wait for someone …anyone …to make a comment about our first novel. It’s a little like putting your precious brand new baby out there and hoping above hopes that she is not called ‘ugly’ on her […]

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Guess who is excited!

Meet the Author

      Hello everyone I can’t believe I’m writing to you as a bonafide fiction author. Me, little ‘ole me! There you go see  …proves that it’s worth pursuing your dreams. There was such excitement in the Coombes’ household when the HEN PARTY came out. My son even started casting […]

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The eBook Version is now available

The Kindle Version is now available on and on Kobo here  

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