Bristol – a place I love

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I’m in my happy home hunting ground for a while …Bristol.  The place I grew up, the place I worked, the place I fell in love and married, the place where my children were born and a place I love very much.

IMG_2952It’s a vibrant City, the home of Wallace and Gromit and it took six years for their first production ‘A Grand Day Out‘ to come to fruition. In the early days my husband’s office was right next door to theirs and he well remembers the young enthusiastic Nick Park’s and Peter Lord. He also remembers their bicycles that had to be clambered over in the passageway of the old building where their creative genius blossomed.

W & G are now instantly recognisable stars of the silver screen, they didn’t give up, and pursued their dream for six long years …I’m not giving up either so maybe one day if I’m lucky a little of their magic will come my way too 🙂

I called on an independent bookseller yesterday and told them all about my debut novel, the Hen Party. I’m invited to call again with a copy of the book and poster. Keep your fingers crossed for me, for it seems to me that these things start well but don’t always develop. There’ll be much publicity on my behalf for this bookshop if it gets off the ground.

2 thoughts on “Bristol – a place I love”

  1. TTiTna says:

    Can you get in touch with me please asap. You gave a copy of your book Hen Party, to my friend Hilary Bennet of Cheddar library. She has reviewed the book but I am interested in finding our how you got the book published and how you are marketing it. I am writing an article on debut authors, particularly older ones. Do you have time to answer a few question either by phone or email?

    Tina Foster

    1. Hope you’ve now received all the information you need Tina. Don’t be afraid to get back in touch if there is anything else. Hilary

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