I’m meeting a celeb! Me, little ole’ me

22, Mar 2016 by Hilary Coombes">Hilary Coombes in Writing     No Comments

Well, excitement mounts and all because of the HEN PARTY.

A reader who is on holiday in Benidorm had her hair done at the hairdressers that featured in the TV programme ‘Brits living in Benidorm’. She happened to be reading my book, yes my book – it seems so strange writing that sentence.

To cut a long story short, she contacted me …said it was the best book she’d read in a long time, (Wow) …said the hairdresser was interested in my book and me. So I’m off to Benidorm, not to get my hair done because he can’t fit me in but to meet the man himself.

Being a writer isn’t all ‘living in the garret and pounding away at a word processor after all.’ Yippee!

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