Joy today? Joy tomorrow?

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New Year. New Resolutions? I don’t do those nowadays, no point I don’t stick to them, so I’m not playing. I do have a resolution however and it’s nothing to do with New Year.

I’m hoping, aiming, and wanting to keep the gift of a healthy body because I know that my life will remain open and positive if I have that.

There’s a lot of luck in this, but I’m trying to help it along with regular exercise and a fairly good diet. The alcohol might be on shaky ground though! … I’m no angel.

I’d like to live long enough to see my little grandchildren as adults. Is that selfish? Probably, but hands up if it is, then I admit to it.

I have wonderful memories of my own Grandad (my other grandparents died before I was born). I’d like to think that my grandchildren remember me with equal enjoyment.

So, let me introduce them to you … the two older ones (age 3 & 7) stayed with me for five days last month, and as I have the writer’s curse of always having a notebook to hand I managed to scribble down a few of their conversations.

Sit back, relax for a minute and share the world of two very precious little children.



Eddie (age 7) “When you’re sixty-three you aren’t allowed to drive any more. You’re too old then Grandad. Anyway you’ve got to get more exercise.”

Grandad “Really?”

Eddie “Yes. You have to walk everywhere.”

Grandad “I might struggle.”

Eddie “Then get a motorbike.”

Grandad “I’ve never driven a motorbike.”

Eddie “You’ll have to learn.”

Grandad “Oh.”

Eddie “The only thing is Grandad you’re not allowed to drive a motorbike when you’re ninety-six mind.”

Grandad “Oh, but what do I do then?”

Eddie “If you’re not walking, you watch TV and eat crisps.”


We were playing ‘I spy’ in the car (Melissa age 3 doesn’t really understand how to play ‘I Spy’)

Eddie “I spy with my little eye something beginning with T”

Melissa “Does it have big teeth?”

Eddie “No.”

Melissa “Does it have small teeth?”

Eddie “No.”

Melissa “Does it have any teeth?”

Eddie (tutting): “Grr.”

Melissa “Talk louder Eddie I don’t understand you.”

Melissa’s turn …

Melissa “I spy with my little eye a hamster. It hasn’t got any legs, it’s pink but it’s got a tail and one tooth.”

Eddie (laughing) “Is it a hamster?”

Melissa “No. No. No. This one’s got two teeth and a leg. You’re wrong Eddie.”


I hope you’re smiling now. I feel sure that you might understand a little better why I want to be part of my precious grandchildren’s growing years. For me it would be one of the life’s greatest gifts.

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