Meet the Author

Guess who is excited!

Guess who is excited?

Hello everyone
I can’t believe that I’m writing to you as a bonafide fiction author. Me! Little ole me! There you go …proves that it’s worth pursuing your dreams.
There was such excitement in the Coombes’ household when the HEN PARTY came out. My son even started casting Hollywood actors as the main characters!

I’m not going to make this long and I’ll try not to make it boring. I’ve read a few of these ‘Meet the author’ type posts and they often all say the same thing, the top one being ‘always loved writing’! Well it seems to me that we wouldn’t be writers otherwise.

Anyway I was born in Devon, United Kingdom, but very quickly moved on to the City of Bristol where I grew up. The education service back then wasn’t in good shape and I very quickly found myself out in the workplace working in an office. What I really wanted to do was teach (which made everyone laugh!). Still I did it in the end …

After juggling family and studying for university plus taking teaching qualifications as a mature student I taught in various schools and colleges, eventually specialising in teaching blind students. The latter job was the most rewarding of my life and there were times when I believe I learnt as much from the students as they did from me.

Now I live between Somerset in the UK and Spain and I love both countries equally which you’ll probably realise if you read my blogs.

Anyway I hope this short introduction has interested you, and if you do go on to read my debut novel I really hope that you enjoy it.

Hasta La Vista / See you later