No one said marketing would be this hectic! phew (Secretary needed)

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This is my youngest grandson (8 months). His naughty Daddy is teaching him reading habits way beyond his innocent years as you can see! IMG_4307

I really love to catch up with my family in the UK which is where I’ve been for the past few weeks, but this trip somehow turned into a bit of a book marketing trip and everything else has (apart from family) taken back place.

No one told me that book marketing could easily slip into the realms of unpaid full-time work …and I thought that all I ever wanted to do was write, but this has been fun (as well as hard work), and I’ve met so many lovely people.
I won’t bore you with all the details, but suffice it to say that I now have posters in many Bristol and Somerset outlets (I’ll tell you the horrendous story of getting posters made in another blog) and I’ve agreed to give two talks along the fun theme of living between two countries, plus the ‘Hen Party’ is being stocked in several little shops (and glory be, I’ve just had a phone call asking for five more copies, which is all I have left at the moment! yippee). Oh and I forgot I have two ‘book’ interviews lined up.

I now have a ton of ideas and I’ve run out of time to carry them out …oh for a full-time secretary, in fact I think two secretaries might be hard pushed to keep up. Unemployed secretaries looking for work do get in touch – but I am really sorry I can’t afford to pay you – not yet that is, but one day when I’m as famous as JK Rowling your reward will come.


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