Wow! someone on Facebook couldn’t put Hen Party down

17, Mar 2016 by Hilary Coombes">Hilary Coombes in Writing     No Comments

I’m sure you can imagine what we new authors might be feeling when we wait for someone …anyone …to make a comment about our first novel. It’s a little like putting your precious brand new baby out there and hoping above hopes that she is not called ‘ugly’ on her first outing.

Well, my first comment has arrived and it came via social media … what a relief the reader loved it. I’m overjoyed.

So here are the comments. It’s only short and won’t take you a few seconds to read 🙂

Just nearly finished reading your book after reading nearly all afternoon yesterday as I couldn’t put it down. WOW I never expected a book like that. Ha Ha it is good and funny. Keep up the good work. 

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